Board Meetings

02/27/2018 BM

C.N.P.J No. 42.150.391/0001-70 - NIRE 29300006939



On February 27, 2018, at 8:00 a.m., at the Four Seasons Hotel, in Houston, United States of America, an Ordinary Meeting of the Board of Directors of BRASKEM S.A. was held with the presence of the undersigned Board Members, as per the signatures placed at the end of these minutes. Board Member Newton Sergio de Souza and his respective Alternate were absent due to justified reasons. Chief Executive Officer Fernando Musa and officers Gustavo Valverde, Marcelo Arantes, and Pedro Freitas, as well as Messrs Roberto Bischoff, Everson Bassinello, Guilherme Furtado and Mrs. Marcella Menezes Fagundes, members of the Company, were present. In the absence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Vice Chairman presided over the meeting, under article 22 of the Bylaws, and Mrs. Marcella Menezes Fagundes acted as secretary. AGENDA: I) Subjects for deliberation: After due analysis of the Proposals for Deliberation ("PDs"), copies and related documentation of which were sent in advance for knowledge of the Board Members, pursuant to its Internal Regulations, and shall remain duly filed at the Company's headquarters, the following deliberations were unanimously approved by the attendees, under the terms and conditions set out in the respective PDs: 1) PD.CA/BAK-01/2018 - Definition of Delegation Limits to the Contracting of Loans or Financing by the Executive Office for 2018; and 2) PD.CA-BAK-04/2018 - Update on the Health, Safety and Environment Policy of Braskem, approved with the adjustments requested by the Board Members. II) Subjects for Acknowledgement: Presentations/reports were made by the responsible parties on the following subjects: (a) Update on the Compliance Program; (b) 2018 ILP Program; and (c) Meetings of the Compliance Committee, held on January 9 and February 6, of the Personnel and Organization Committee, held on February 19, of the Finance and Investments Committee, held on February 21, and of the Strategy and Communication Committee, held on February 22. III) Subjects of Interest to the Company: Nothing to record. IV) Adjournment: As there were no further subjects to be discussed, these minutes were drawn up, which, after read, discussed and found to be in order, are signed by all the attending Board Members, by the acting Chairman and by the Secretary of the Meeting. Houston/USA, February 27, 2018. Signatures: Ernani Filgueiras de Carvalho - acting Chairman; Marcella Menezes Fagundes - Secretary; Carla Gouveia Barretto; Edson Chil Nobre; Gesner José de Oliveira Filho; João Carlos Trigo de Loureiro; João Cox Neto; Luiz de Mendonça; Marcelo Lyrio; Marcus Vinicius de Oliveira Magalhães and Pedro Oliva Marcilio de Sousa. 

The above matches the original recorded in the proper book. 

Marcella Menezes Fagundes