Notices and Material Facts

Agreement executed with DPE, MPF, MPE and DPU was ratified by the Federal Judge of the 3rd Court of Alagoas


São Paulo, January 6, 2020 - BRASKEM S.A. ("Braskem" or "Company") (B3: BRKM3, BRKM5 e BRKM6; NYSE: BAK; LATIBEX: XBRK) in connection with the Material Fact dated January 3, 2020, hereby informs that the Federal Judge of the 3rd Court of Alagoas State ratified, on January 3, 2020, the agreement executed by the Company with the Alagoas State Public Defender's Office, the Federal Prosecution Office, the Alagoas State Prosecution Office and the Federal Public Defender's Office to support the relocation and indemnification of residents of the areas at risk located in the districts of Mutange, Bom Parto, Pinheiro and Bebedouro of Maceió, Alagoas.

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