Approval of the Company's Share-Based Incentive Plan in the EGM


Braskem S.A. ("Company" or "Braskem") informs its shareholders and the general market that the Extraordinary General Meeting approved, on the date hereof, the Company's share-based incentive plan, whose main objectives are to (i) align the interests of participants with those of shareholders in the creation of value for Braskem stock; and (ii) to provide an incentive for participants to remain at the Company.

Based on an analysis of the Company's performance indicators, the Board of Directors will grant annually from one to three shares for each share of the Company acquired voluntarily by participants using their own funds, with such grants conditioned upon participants remaining at Braskem and holding their shares for a period of three years.

The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the plan, whose full contents are available for consultation on the Company's website (, on the Empresas.NET system of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil - CVM ( and on the website of B3 S.A. - Brasil, Bolsa Balcão (

São Paulo, March 21, 2018

Pedro van Langendonck Teixeira de Freitas

Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer