Braskem's strategic objective is to meet the needs of its Clients in the chemical & petrochemical and plastics value chain and in the Brazilian and international chemical industry and to maximize returns for its shareholders.

The main elements of the strategy include:

Focus on serving the client

Braskem forges close and lasting relationships with its clients and works hard to provide them with technological support and solutions that take into account their specific needs and priorities so as to offer them differentiated products and services.

Competitive feedstock

Braskem is constantly seeking to diversify further its feedstock profile in order to increase its competitiveness, since a significant portion of its costs involve the acquisition of raw materials. Increasing the share of natural gas in the feedstock profile, guaranteeing the supply of naphtha at competitive prices and capturing opportunities to gain access to alternative feedstock in the Americas are ways to ensure the greater competitiveness it needs to compete with the advent of shale gas in the United States in the medium and long term.

Expansion in selected international markets

As part of the continuous evaluation of its operations and plans, Braskem periodically considers a range of strategic operations and transactions to expand its presence in the international petrochemical industry. Over the coming years, the Company plans to expand its production capacity outside Brazil through the construction of greenfield facilities (independently or together with third parties) or the acquisition of competing petrochemical producers or manufacturers of complementary products. Strengthening corporate relations in export markets where Braskem already operates is also a priority of our strategy to expand internationally.

Operating efficiency and organic growth

To be updated with the growth in the petrochemical industry in Brazil and the Americas, Braskem works on measures to increase the operational productivity and efficiency of its existing assets. This strategy is also based on: maintaining operations with high capacity utilization rates and maximum petrochemical conversion rates; efficiently managing its operational investments; gaining access to better technologies; and optimizing the capital employed in the existing portfolio to improve its profitability and competitiveness.

Reference in sustainability

Braskem is committed to maintaining its reputation as a pioneer and global reference in renewable chemicals and, to achieve that, the Company has defined three basic pillars of operation: (i) more sustainable operations and resources; (ii) increasingly sustainable products and (iii) solutions for a more sustainable life.