Why invest in Braskem?

Global company
  • Successful track record of organic and inorganic growth driven by our internationalization strategy
  • Industrial units located in Brazil, United States, Mexico, and Germany
  • Global commercial network, with offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, serving clients in more than 70 countries
Leader in the markets that we play
  • Leader in Brazil as the only integrated petrochemical company in basic chemicals and polymers
  • Leader in the production of thermoplastic resins in the Americas and 6th largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the world
  • Largest PP producer in North America and PE in Mexico
Development and implementation of an effective Compliance and Governance System
  • Conclusion of external monitoring, after the fulfillment of the commitments assumed with the US Department of Justice (Doj) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Level 1 of Corporate Governance in B3, in addition to comply with Level 2 and Novo Mercado requirements, such as 100% Tag Along
Concrete contributions to Sustainable Development
  • World leader in biopolymers, with a production capacity of 200 kt/year of PE from renewable feedstock
  • Commitment to the low carbon economy with the goal of being among the best chemical companies in the world in GHG emissions
  • Commitment to the proper disposal of plastic waste (Circular Economy), with investments in mechanical and chemical recycling
Strong client-focused culture, supporting communities and future-oriented company
  • A commercial strategy focused on partnership and proximity to clients and commitment to the development of the communities where we operate
  • Focus on innovative solutions, products, and processes to grow our business in an increasingly competitive and globalized scenario
  • Implementation of digital initiatives, with the goal of transforming our core business and alse creating new business models
Risk Management as part of the corporate strategy
  • Geographic and feedstock diversification strategy to increase business profitability
    and mitigate risks
  • Natural hedge against currency fluctuation. The demand contraction in Brazil tends to be followed by the devaluation of the real (benefit of dollarized business). The appreciated real tends to be followed by growth in demand
Strong Financial strategy
  • Strong liquidity position, with most debt maturing in the long term (50% after 2030)
  • Consistent operating cash genaration, even in periods os down cycles in the petrochemical industry