Board of Directors’ Committees

Board of Directors' Committees

The Operational Regime of the Board of Directors of Braskem (BD) establishes the basic roles and responsibilities of the Committees providing support to the BD, as well as the basic guidelines for their constitution and operation.

As described in the Regime, the committees may be standing or "ad hoc". Standing Committees are those that deal with matters the nature and objective of which remain unchanged over the long term.

Standing Committees incorporate the Corporate Governance structure of Braskem and have the objective of advising and assisting the BD in pre-established matters.

Each committee is coordinated by a member of the BD and may only be constituted by a Actual Board Member and/or Alternate Board Member. Other Braskem executives who are duly qualified in the matter given their responsibilities, involvement or specific knowledge may participate in committee meetings as guests, or by solicitation of the Coordinating Board Member.

As advisory and support organs, the expected product of the committees' activities is support for the BD's decisions through recommendations of a non-deliberative nature, grounded in specialized analysis of specific issues that seek to improve the quality and speed of the deliberation process.

The following are permanent committees of Braskem's BD:

Compliance Committee:

The Compliance Committee is responsible for ensuring the monitoring of internal controls and risk exposure and the effective supervision of the preparation of financial reports, without prejudice to the powers granted by law to the Audit Board of the Company.

People and Organization Committee - CPO:

Is charged with evaluating new policies and accompanying the review of policies in effect that involve People and Organization issues. The CPO is also responsible for supporting the BD in decisions that fall under its jurisdiction, pursuant to the Company's bylaws.

Finance and Investment Committee - CFI:

Evaluates new policies, and accompanies and analyzes the policies in effect that involve financial management, insurance and guarantees, integrated risk management, and other related matters. The CFI is also charged with recommending investment decisions and accompanying investments and contracts that involve related parties approved by the BD.

Strategy and Communication Committee - CEC:

In matters related to strategic direction, the CEC evaluates, on a permanent basis, any determinations that involve Planning, in other words, the foundation of the Business Plan of Braskem. In Communication matters, the committee evaluates new policies and accompanies and analyzes the corporate policies in effect related to the Capital Market and Social Responsibility.