Board of Directors’ Committees

Board of Directors' Committees

Braskem Board of Directors' Committees are part of the Company's Corporate Governance structure and their purpose is to advise and assist the Board in pre-established matters.

The following are Standing Committees of Braskem's Board:

Finance and Investment Committee - CFI

The Finance and Investment Committee analyzes the policies in effect that involve insurance and guarantees, financial management and risk management. The CFI is also charged with recommending investment decisions and giving follow up on projects and related parties' contracts approved by the Board.

Strategy and Communication Committee - CEC

The Strategy and Communication Committee evaluates, on a permanent basis, any decision involving the Strategic Planning of the Company, the foundation of Braskem's Business Plan. The CEC also analyzes corporate policies in effect related to the capital market and social responsibility.

People and Organization Committee - CPO

The CPO is charged with following policies in effect that involve People and Organization issues.

Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee is responsible for ensuring the monitoring of internal controls and risk exposure and supervising the preparation of financial reports, without prejudice to the powers granted to the Company's Audit Board.