Councils and Board

Councils and Board

Board of Directors:

Composed of 11 members (6 of them independent) and regulated by the Company’s Bylaws, the Board of Directors is the highest authority in the management of the Company, and its main responsibilities are to guide the business and decide on strategic issues. None of the members of the Board has any executive role at Braskem.

The Internal Rules of the Board can be accessed by clicking here.

As of today, the Board of Directors have the following composition:

Name Position Held Substitute Nominated by Independent* Elected on
Marcelo Moses de Oliveira Lyrio Charmain of the Board José Mascarenhas Odebrecht Yes 06/27/2017
João Cox Neto Vice-Chairman of the Board Larry Cardoso Petrobras No 06/08/2016
João Pinheiro Nogueira Batista Board Member Marcelo Mancini Odebrecht No 04/16/2019
Roberto Faldini Board Member Sérgio Leão Odebrecht No 06/27/2017
Mauro Motta Figueira Board Member José Marcelo Lima Pontes Odebrecht No 04/06/2016
Gesner José de Oliveira Filho Board Member Marcelo Rossini Odebrecht Yes 06/27/2017
Roberto Lopes Pontes Simões Board Member André Amaro Odebrecht No 04/30/2018
Pedro Oliva Marcilio de Sousa Board Member Susan Barrio Odebrecht Yes 06/27/2017
Fábio Venturelli Board Member João Carlos Trigo Petrobras Yes 10/16/2018
Julio Soares de Moura Neto Board Member - Petrobras Yes 04/16/2019
Ernani Filgueiras de Carvalho Board Member - Petrobras Yes 04/06/2016

*According to the rules detailed in the section "Overview" of the Corporate Governance

Executive Management:

The Executive Management has responsibilities such as the leading the Company's business units, as well as implementing general policies and guidelines defined by the Board of Directors.  Braskem's Management is composed of the following members:

Fiscal Council:

The Fiscal Council is formed by five members and its main responsibilities are: to supervise the acts of the Administration, to offer follow up on the results of the Company and to oversee / approve the work of internal and external audit.  As of today, Braskem's Fiscal Council is composed by the following members:

Name  Substitute
Viviana Cardoso de Sá e Faria Bruno Carvalho Baruqui
Carlos Alberto Rechelo Neto       Alexandre Antonio Germano Bittencourt
Ismael Campos de Abreu Ivan Silva Duarte
Gilberto Braga Tatiana Macedo Costa Rego Tourinho
Patrícia Gracindo Marques de Assis e Bentes Fábio Vianna